Posting on social media – 3 tips for small business owners


Posting on social media – 3 tips for small business owners

So, we know Social Media is important to any business, large or small. You might have your business Facebook, Instagram and other social accounts set up and you?re posting away, every week. Fantastic. Having managed Social Media for a few clients, from different industries, I have learnt several ways to ensure your small business doesn?t get lost with the others on social media. Here are my 3 top tips to successfully manage social media for your small business.

1. Consistency is key

Consistency in content, creative, imagery and in timing is essential to ensuring that your business and brand are top of mind for your audience.

Like repetition of TV or radio ads, posting consistently on Social Media, helps potential customers remember your business. Especially, when they or someone they know are looking for products and services in your industry.

Consistent content

This means, you need to consider writing (or should I say ?typing?) content that is consistently similar in style, choosing images and producing creative that are alike in colour, contrast and object and timing your posts to reach your target market.

Don?t be a part-time poster

It?s also important to try and post every few days, if not every day. If you ?drop off the face of the earth? for even a week or two on social media, you could hinder converting new customers who visit your page and see that you haven?t posted for a while.

2. Social Media Content

When putting together your content for social media posts, it?s important to keep in mind your brand principles and guidelines as well as, who your audience is. These points should be considered each time, to ensure you are consistent in what and how you post and are engaging with your audience.

Balance your posts

Finding a balance between promoting your business and being ?social? on social media is also imperative. Some content ideas that I usually include in weekly schedules for my clients include; details about services and/or products, light industry related humour i.e. memes and jokes, tips and advice, client reviews and business-related articles.

Same style

Most of your posts, if not all, should be written in the same style. Know when to use emojis and use them appropriately. Keep to the point of the post i.e. if you are promoting a product or service, stay focused and don?t go for the upsell.

3. Timing social media posts

Knowing when to post, what?s going on around you and your business and adjusting your content when necessary, is critical to successful audience engagement.

When to schedule posts

There are a couple of ways you can select the best time to post and reach the highest number of people. If you are using a scheduling program, i.e. Hootsuite, Loomly etc, most of them can automatically set your posts in the times that will most likely have the highest reach. If you are doing this manually, Facebook Insights is great way to see when your audience is looking at your posts. Top tip ? post 15 minutes to half an hour either side of the specified times, so that you?re not battling with other similar businesses for audience viewing time.

Know what?s going on around you

Knowing what?s happening around you, helps you connect to your audience. Things like local community events, national and international news is key to customising your posts accordingly to interact with your followers. Universal dates such as public holidays are a great way to connect with your audience e.g. special offers to celebrate a holiday or a simple acknowledgement of a special date, shows your customers that you are not just there for the hard sell.

Know when to adjust your posts

Posting content that seemed funny when putting it together but is then published at the wrong time due to a negative story in the news, can be awkward for you and your audience. It?s essential to keep up to date with what?s going on around you and your business and adjust your post content and timing accordingly.

There you have it, my 3 top tips for managing social media for your small business. If you have any questions or would like more advice, get in touch and let?s chat about how we can get you more success on social media.

Sonia Goss, Owner Triple One Marketing


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